the temple bell stops but the sound keeps coming

out of the flowers

The girl with the thorn in her side
4 April 1989
In a land of myth and a time of magic
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Date Created:5-13-04

Liz/Rizu/Search: Avid movie-goer, neglecting webmistress, sucky artist, music connoisseur, shower singer, anime freak, manga hoarder, Internet addict, fanfiction guzzler, dabbling writer
Strengths: English, diplomacy, logic, bullsh*ting, caring, just, easy to please, adobe photoshop savvy.
Weaknesses: Bradley James, chocolate, America's Next Top Model, Julia Quinn, Disney, laziness, worry-warting, pack-ratting, soda, not following through, candy cigarettes, procrastination, selfishness, stubborn streak a mile wide, pretty things, short attention span, low confidence levels.
Special Skills: Defending herself, icon-making, recalling information, insanity, constructive criticism, astrology, trivia, sitting in front of a computer for hours on end.
Weapons: Large Word Defense, Long Nails of Doom, Fangirl Explosion, Rizu-sensei Says.
Favorites: Red, Peridot, Cheese, French Vanilla, Literature, 19th Century England, Tiger, Friday, Harry Potter, Merlin, Doctor Who, House M.D., H/D, Beauty and the Beast, Hikaru no Go, Nodame Cantabile.

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